How Joystick's versioning works across packages.

While Joystick is considered a single framework, the components of that framework consist of four individual packages: @joystick.js/ui, @joystick.js/node, @joystick.js/test, and @joystick.js/cli.

To keep versioning consistent, all packages are pinned to the same version. When any one of the four packages change, all packages receive a version bump identical to the package that's changing.

For example, if the current version of all packages is rc.5 and a change is made to @joystick.js/ui (becoming @joystick.js/ui-rc.6), all packages will have their version bumped to rc.6.

This approach is used for all minor, major, patch, and release candidate versions.

Canary releases

To accelerate future work on Joystick, -canary versions of all four packages exist for the purposes of testing changes against existing projects. Canary packages are assumed unstable and NOT to be used in a production app. If you'd like to play around with a canary release, check out the joystick use command in the CLI.

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