Testing Email

While @joystick.js/test doesn't include an explicit method for triggering email sends, behind the scenes, Joystick automatically tracks all calls to the email.send() method which can be accessed inside of your tests.

To verify that emails are sending as expected, it's recommended that your test calls to the functionality (e.g., a setter) in your app that triggers an email send and then verify a call to email.send() was fired via the test.utils.get_function_calls() method (with the arg(ument)s you expect):


import test from '@joystick.js/test';

test.that('the /api/books route returns books', async (assert = {}) => {
   await test.api.set('create_user', {
    input: {
      email_address: 'example@test.com',
      password: 'password',
      name: 'Cory Hale',

  const function_calls = await test.utils.get_function_calls('node.email.send');

  assert.is(function_calls[0]?.args[0]?.to, 'example@test.com');