Sending an Email

To send an email, you can utilize the email.send() method, accessible via the named export email from @joystick.js/node:


import joystick, { email } from '@joystick.js/node';

const setters = {
  send_message: {
    input: {
      user_id: {
        type: 'string',
        required: true,
      message: {
        type: 'string', 
        required: true,
    set: async (input = {}) => {
      const message_id =;

      await process.databases.mongodb.collection('messages').insertOne({
        _id: message_id,
        recipient: input?.user_id,
        message: input?.message,

      const recipient_user = process.databases.mongodb.collection('users').findOne({
        _id: input?.user_id,

      await email.send({
        to: recipient_user?.emailAddress,
        from: '',
        subject: `You received a new message from ${context?.user?.username}!`,
        base: 'user_messages',
        template: 'new_message',
        preheader: `${context?.user?.username} says "${input?.message}"`,
        props: {
          sender: context?.user?.username,
        attachments: [
          { filename: 'message.txt', content: input?.message } 

export default setters;

Above, we create a hypothetical setter called create_message for a feature where users can send messages between one another. First, we store the message being sent in the database and then attempt to retrieve the user receiving the message from the database as recipient_user.

Next, we try to send an email to that user via their emailAddress in the database. To send the email, we call to email.send() passing the options for our email. Of the options present, to, from, subject, and template are required.

API Reference


Function API

Function API

email.send(options: object) => Promise;


  • options object Required

    The options object defining the email to send.

    • to string Required

      The recipient address for the email being sent.

    • from string Required

      The sender address for the email being sent.

    • subject string Required

      The subject for the email being sent.

    • base string

      The name of the base template file relative to the /email directory at the root of your app. The .html suffix is assumed (i.e., instead of passing, base.html, pass base).

    • template string Required

      The name of the email template file relative to the /email directory at the root of your app. The .js suffix is assumed (i.e., instead of passing, welcome.js, pass welcome).

    • preheader string

      A string to place at the top of the email's body. Intended to be the "preview" text in a recipient's inbox.

    • props object

      An object of key/value pairs as props (properties) to pass to the email template specified at template.

    • attachments array[object]

      An array of objects defining attachments for the email following the Nodemailer Attachments specification (internally, Joystick uses Nodemailer to send emails).

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