Registering Getters & Setters

In order for getter and setter endpoints to function in your app, they need to be registered via your app's API schema (located at /api/index.js).


import book_getters from './books/getters.js';
import book_setters from './books/setters.js';

const api = {
  getters: {
  setters: {

export default api;

The recommended pattern for defining getters and setters is to follow a folder structure like /api/<topic>/getters.js or /api/<topic>/setters.js. From those files, we assume that the default export of an object containing all of the getters or setters for a topic will be available.

Importing these files into your API schema at /api/index.js, we can register these by passing their contents to the appropriate group under the api object exported from /api/index.js.

Above, we import our book_getters object from /api/books/getters.js and then use the JavaScript spread ... syntax to "unpack" the object we anticipate being exported from that file on to the api.getters object. Conversely, we follow the exact same process for our setters, "unpacking" our imported book_setters on to the api.setters object.