Granting a Role

To grant a role to an existing user, the accounts.roles.grant() method can be utilized:


import joystick, { accounts } from '@joystick.js/node';{
 accounts: {
   events: {
     on_login: ({ user )) => {
       accounts.roles.grant(user?._id, 'active_account');

Above, we tap into the account event hook for the on_login() event to grant a temporary role to a user of active_account. When a role is granted to a user, it's added to an array on their document/row in the database called roles.

When calling accounts.roles.grant(), if a role does not already exist in the roles collection/table for the app, Joystick will automatically create it.

API Reference


Function API

accounts.roles.grant(user_id: string, role: string) => void;


  • user_id string Required

    A user_id from your users collection/table in your database (e.g., user._id for MongoDB and user.user_id for PostgreSQL).

  • role string Required

    A string defining the name of the role to grant to the specified user_id.

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