Recover Password

To start the password recovery process for an existing user account, the accounts.recover_password() method can be called from anywhere on your server:


import joystick, { accounts } from '@joystick.js/node';
import Twilio from 'twilio';

const twilio = Twilio(

const setters = {
  recover_password_via_sms: {
    input: {
      email_address: {
        type: 'string',
        required: true,
    set: (input = {}) => {
      const user = await process.databases.mongodb.collection('users').findOne({
        emailAddress: input?.email_address,

      if (!user || !user?.sms_phone_number) {
        throw new Error('User does not have an SMS number defined.');

      const reset_token = await accounts.recover_password({
        email_address: input?.email_address,

      await twilio.messages.create({
        body: `Your password reset token is: ${reset_token}.`,
        to: '+11234567890',
        from: '+18905671234',

export default setters;

Above, we create a hypothetical setter that triggers a password recovery attempt, relaying the reset token to a two-factor SMS number via the Twilio API.

API Reference

Function API

Function API

accounts.recover_password(options: object) => Promise;


  • options object

    An object defining the parameters for the existing user account.

    • email_address string Required

      A string defining the email address for the existing user account.

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