To get you up to speed and productive with Joystick, the Getting Started Tutorial will walk you through the fundamentals of the framework.

Joystick has a shallow learning curve and is designed with beginners in mind. Joystick's APIs are also designed to be fixed and backwards compatible long-term, so once you understand these fundamentals, you will understand Joystick indefinitely (the only exception being new features added later which will have documentation added as/when necessary).

By completing the following lessons, you will gain a rudimentary understanding of Joystick and be able to start building your app. It's recommended that you re-read this as much as you need to feel comfortable with the framework.

Don't be shy—ask for help!

Joystick is designed to be easy for all skill levels. If at any point something isn't making sense, don't hesitate to jump into the Discord and ask for clarification!


Installing Joystick